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I love this game but..

This game is incredible, the gameplay is perfect. Can you just make au icloud save? Thanks

Simply the best of its kind

Nice colorful 16bit like pixelated graphics, awesome gameplay and high production quality (indie game studio) insanely addictive retro platform game just like in the Amiga era Add to this no in-game purchases, free new levels added periodically, hidden stuff everywhere, a whole lot of weapons and powers, very well balanced difficulty, game controllers support, very low price for this level of quality. You MUST buy this game if you like good old slash n jump games Did I say I love it ?

Best retro game ever!

Congratulations to devs! This game is amazing! I love platformers, and this one is simple, beautiful, and has a good soundtrack! Reminds me of 16 bit era... Perfect as a casual game!!

The best

One of the best games Ive played on iOS

Great Game, Great Updates

The game plays very well, is fun but most importantly gets free high quality updates that add tons of content. Easily worth every penny spent.

Unbelievable ***** ***** *****

Best Game Ever!!! I cannot finish Dark Caves L16 and Lost City L15

Best Platformer Available for iOS

The first game to be actually playable thanks to the perfect touch controls. Combine that with perfectly crafted levels, lots of hidden secrets, plenty of stuff to collect and top it off with wonderful SNES style graphics. It really is as awesome as it sounds. If you like the screenshots and platforming in general, please give this game a try.

Im so happy


Amazing Game but...

Game Crashes on Second Boss! (World 6) Pls fix. iPhone 6s


I never expected to get another update. So much of a great game for little money. Great!

Pretty good RPG

This is one of the best Adventure Games that I know. It contains epic Boss battles, difficult hidden treasures and really challenging Jump and Run sections

Great game

my favourite game idea: Add a sub weapon/switchable swords idea: enemies that do half a heart of dmg, but have more speed (the baby rat should have this)

Its awesome get it.

I loved this game. My kids both love it. It was hard to put it down from the time I first played until I completed it. What a week!

Really ?

I bought the game like two days ago and then its 50 percent off? The game itself isnt even that good to be honest.

Outstanding game

You can tell the developers were passionate and took the time to perfect this game and make it really polished. Love it, great work.

Ratings dont tell the whole story...

First impressions - great... Good retro graphics... But right before this I played the genius devious dungeons 2 game... And i realized how many things are missing...

Poor flow near the end

So Im nearing completion, have almost all items and still need to beat a few secret levels... But Im having trouble staying motivated knowing that Im just collecting money... money I cant use to buy anything, why am I still collecting money? Why am I opening chests with money in them in super hard levels? Whats the point of beating those levels if Im just getting more useless money? Why make a secret level with only money in it? Why make all the purchased items so weak and cheap? Why am I still playing? Throw me a bone here... Yes I like that its hard but I guess what Im saying is, once Ive seen a whole secret level, opened both money-filled chests (useless!!) and then died at the end, theres no reason for me to go back and beat it, not unless theres a sick new item to be found. Poor game flow near the end guys!!!


We need more games like this. This is the real deal, no iap and only 1$ and there was 2 *dlc* for free !!! You have to buy this game.

Exceptional platformer, with generous updates

The amount of content the developers have added is hard to believe.

Best app

This is by far one of the best apps Ive played. It runs smoothly and there were two dlcs for free and so much to do. Hope you guys make more games like this :D

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